Previous Teachings – PDF’s

All teachings below are teachings by our resident teacher Geshe Sangey Thinley.

Please note these teachings have been translated, transcribed, typed and edited by various people. (who are named at the bottom of the documents). All this was done with the best intentions and each person has done their utmost to keep these teachings as true and accurate as possible.

Click on the Tittle of the teaching you would like to read. 

The Four Seals – Sunday Teaching 3 April 2016

Liberation and Enlightenment -Sunday Teaching 24 October 2015
The Path through the Three Scopes – 17.05.15
The Benefits and Importance of Mind Training in our Daily Practice – 12.09.04
Geshe-la’s first teachings for March 2015
Geshe-la Special Teaching 04-08-13
Understanding the importance of motivation-10.10.14
Making the most of our Precious Human Life – April 2014
The Two Truths 23-March-2014
Training the Mind – 30.05.04
Three Aspects of the path, and the Four reliance’s – 13.06.04
The Nature of the Mind – 04.07.04
Death and Impermanence – 01.08.04
Mind and Mental Factors -08.08.04
Some Basic Points of Practice – 15.08.04
Love and Compassion in Everyday Life – 05.09.04

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